Materials Science & Engineering- High level materials characterizations and measurement equipment to test micro-structure and material performances with access to highly skilled faculty advisors and high variety of equipment. Enterprise is originated out of the Michigan Tech Materials Science & Engineering department with high majority of students in this field of study.

Manufacturing Process Research- Access to full foundry, machine shop, deformation lab, fab shop, and additive manufacturing services (Metals and Plastics). Students in this research will be more diverse in field being Materials, Mechanical, and more.

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Facility Resources

Full Service Foundry

Full Service Foundry for Cast Iron, Aluminum, Steels, and More! Green Sand, Chem Bond Sand, Lost Foam, Investment processes available.

Casting Design Center

Deformation Lab

Heat Treatment

Machine Shop

Additive Manufacturing Lab

Polishing and Microscopy

Scanning Electron Microscope

Material Performance Testing

Fabrication Area

Computer Labs and Library