Current Project Teams

Relativity Space Senior Team

Researching aluminum alloys that are optimized for wire arc additive manufacturing without post heat treatment. This removes an expensive and difficult process step for large format aerospace part production

Sponsor: Relativity Space

Team: Ross Patterson, Devin Deaton, and Morgan Drumm

Mercury Tool and Die Senior Team

Investigating feasability of wire arc additive manufacturing for quicker and cheaper production of tooling components for die casting machinery. Investigating CAD to part strategies and material possibilities to enhance part performance and lessen production costs.

Sponsor: Mercury Marine/ Mercury Castings

Team: Mike Groeneveld, Ty Timmermann, and Noah Ekdom

Q&P WAAM Underclass Team

Studying possibility of wire arc additive manufacturing as a means of quench and partition steel parts production. This would be a possible opportunity for value added complex geometries on top of tradition steel products using this highly researched alloys.

Sponsor: Arcellor-Mittal

Team: Eli Harma, Zbigniew Bell, Reese Eichner, Conor Warwick

Charpy Steel Underclass Team

Characterization of fracture for AHSS steel alloys with higher than normal ductile to brittle transition temperatures. Analysis primarily comes from the fracture of Charpy samples and SEM magnified images.

Sponsor: Arcellor-Mittal

Team: Liam Mcleod, Sophie Mehl, Nicholas Overesch, Tim Gerst